Last week we learned that Jony Ive is preparing to completely change our concept about iOS 7 and its native applications but today a former Apple employee, Ben Thompson, reminds us that changes will be substantial. Jony Ive controls the team that develops ‘human’ interface applications and the operating system, and this means that the user experience of iOS 7 will be profoundly changed by Ive, and we will fully feel these changes.

But there are a lot of product attributes that don’t have those sorts of measures. Product attributes that are more emotive and less tangible. But they’re really important. There’s a lot of stuff that’s really important that you can’t distill down to a number. [click to continue…]

All security on launching the iPhone 5S in the summer is gone, Apple is preparing to launch the terminal this autumn, 12 months away from the launch of the iPhone 5. To confirm this timeline, an Asian publication says that Retina displays for the iPhone 5S will enter into production in the next month, Sharp, LG and Japan Display being the main producers. The same trio of producers supplying screens for iPhone 5, so do not expect any change in the configuration of this component because it does not exist.

Sharp also begin in June the mass production of the next model for the liquid crystal panel of the (multi-function mobile phone) smartphone that Apple is planning on. Appears to have embarked on production readiness of consecutive holidays from May Kameyama Plant No. 1 of Apple smartphones LCD dedicated plagued by sluggish occupancy rate since the beginning of the year in (Kameyama, Mie Prefecture).

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ipEQ for iPhone is an application released later this morning in Cydia, and with its help you can change the way the iPhone’s speaker plays music from the Music app. The IpEQ developer for iPhone claims that this app is the first Music equalizer for iPhones and the truth is that in Cydia there isn’t something similar.

If you look at the picture above you will notice that from this application you can change many aspects of how the music plays and you can customize it as you like. [click to continue…]

Awesome Things You Can Do Using iPhone Headphones

by Costea Lestoc on May 8, 2013

iPhone headphones are great in terms of music or other sounds which run on iOS, but their functionality is not limited to that. Original earphones provided by Apple with its iPhones contain a remote wire attached in which the sounds are transmitted and the remote is able to perform a range of functions that you probably did not know. Below I will list them all, and each number is representative of the pictures below.

1. If you run a song from the Music section and tap on the radio station you stop running the track, a second tap will start it again.

2. If you run a song from the Music section and tap the remote twice on the central section, keeping your finger on the remote after the second tap, you perform a fast forward. Repeating the same gesture, but 3 times, you will make a rewind. [click to continue…]

Apple stock prices don’t attain anymore the spectacular values from 2012, financial results don’t always please the investors and the market share is declining, but these issues do not stop the rapid development of the application store App Store, it is approaching a new record.

In January of 2011, the App Store has reached 10 billion applications downloaded for that 14 months later to touch another round figure: After another 14 months, the App Store is moving rapidly to double this performance, the company announced on this occasion the awards that will celebrate the overcoming downloaded 50,000,000,000 applications.
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What Can We Expect From iOS 7

by Costea Lestoc on May 6, 2013

Apple will present at the event dedicated to developers in June, the new company’s mobile operating system, iOS 7. What can we expect from it? It will bring the company from Cupertino dramatic changes in terms of graphics and will come with revolutionary features? Hardly.

From what we know so far, Apple will be limited to a few updates but will not shake the industry with a revelation. But let us see point by point what we know on the subject at this time. [click to continue…]

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